Procedure text. If you buy an electronic product,
you will have to read the guide which is usually stated in the package of the
product. It shows the steps of how we use the product. Otherwise, it will not work
well, or the worst, it will not be able to be used. Therefore, it is necessary
for us to read the guide carefully and make sure that we do the instruction
correctly. In other case, when you buy a product of food, it can be a kind of
noodle,  pasta, pudding, or something
else that  should be  cooked first, it is certainly vital to read
the guide how to cook first. It will be embarrassing if your noodle can not be
eaten anymore just because of your mistake in the process of cooking, will not
Reading and following the guide or
instruction of certain product, whether it is about how to useor how to make a
product, is really required. By the way, did you know? Unconsciously,
when you are reading guide or instruction of a product, so actually you  are learning about procedure  text.



is a text which shows about how something is used or
made by and describing a sequence of steps. Simply, it tells about how to use,
how to do,  or  how to make something.
The text consist of some steps which  is initiated by using imperative verbs such
as: open, clean, put, mix, insert, pour, and so on.
Simple present tense is used in this text.
So you have to use V1 in making this kind of text.
You will find temporal conjunctions in Procedure
such as: the first, the second, third, the next, then, after that, finally,
and so on.
The generic structures
  • Goal
    of the text
The goal of the text shows about what
for the text is designed. Mostly, it is stated as the  title of the text, in example ‘How To Use A Computer’
and ‘How To Make A Cup  Of Tea’.
  • Materials  or ingredient
It contains what materials that
should be used to make or to do something. In some procedure text which tells
about how to cook something, there will be ingredients that should be prepared
to make the food. But, it is possible that this point will not  be provided in some procedure texts,
especially in the procedure  text which
tells about how to use something. You will not find this point either in the text
of ‘How to use ATM machine’, or ‘How to use a mobile phone’.
  • Steps
    or stages
This is the most important point in
the text. It shows about some steps or stages in the form of action that must
be done by reader, to achieve the goal of the text. The success or the failure
to make, use, or do something depends on how well the reader following the
steps or stages which have been provided in the text. So, it should be stated
clearly and understandable. The steps are mostly provided in the form of
imperative sentences which are initiated by temporal conjunctions.
The example of Procedure Text     
Making a sandwich
Materials*     breads
*     honey
*     strawberry
*     butter

*     Take the breads
*     Spread the butter on the bread
*     Cut the strawberry into thin slices and put them
on the bread

*     Pour the honey over the strawberry
*     cover the bread with another slice of bread