Making Suggestion – What’s up everybody? Have any you guys ever joining an organization? If you do, have you guys ever had a meeting before? And in that meeting, have you guys ever makes any suggestion? Did it get accepted?, because if it didn’t, today we will talk about “Making Suggestion”.


Making Suggestion it means that we are giving some advices, and it’s also means that we have to deliver that suggestion politely, because giving advice and suggestion or something like that, it means that we involve other people. There are so many kind of expression and pattern of word that we can use to make a suggestion, and through this article I will tell you guys, all I know about how to make a suggestion correctly and I hope we can learn together in this.
Some of us probably already get used to in giving advices, but I’m still going to explain it, because maybe we have a different idea, and we can also learn from each other right? Maybe some of you will consider using some of these expressions so that the advice or suggestion that we deliver will be more polite and wouldn’t seem to force anything. Here’s some examples of making suggestion
Making suggestion – Examples
·         Why don’t we …. / Why not ….
Example : Why don’t we go to the beach tomorrow?
·         What about ……
Example : What about visiting the grandmother together?
·         How about …..
Example : How about hiking in the mountain?
·         Let’s not…. / Let’s …..
Example : Let’s go to the zoo, it will be fun
·         Maybe we could ….
Example : Maybe we could try another destination, like museum?
·         I suggest that we …
Example : I suggest that we should not jump to the conclusion so soon
I’m pretty sure if you used the words above, you will be fine, and your suggestion will be heard by all the people. If you still doubting it, let’s try to give those examples a dialogue, so that we can understand it more easier, here’s some dialogue example of making suggestion.
Making Suggestion – Dialogue Examples
1.      Alejandro        : Hey Shane, are you bored right now?
Shane              : Yeah, I’m really bored right now.
Alejandro        : Why don’t we go to the Game Station right now? C’mon it will fun
Shane              : I think that’s great idea, alright Alejandro, let me get my stuff first
Alejandro        : Alright, I wait outside okay?
Shane              : I will be there in a minute
2.      Aaron              : it’s very hot right here
Karen              : yeah, I feel that too, do you want to go to the café and enjoy some AC
Aaron              : Actually, I suggest that we should go to the swimming pool, how’s that?
Karen              : Yeah you’re right, I could get some fresh water right now, let’s go
Aaron              : Alright Karen, Let’s go
Those are some dialogue examples of Making Suggestion or giving advice, you can understand it right? It’s not that hard, this article is pretty complete right? I hope this article will help you guys, thank you very much for the time, and have good day today.