Making Request – Hey folks! We all already know that human is a social being, we need each other to live, because in this life we can’t live on our own, we need other people to help us, and if we want people to help we have got to ask them for request, and if they can help us, I’m pretty sure that they will help us is we ask properly, politely, and correctly. That’s why today I want to explain about “Making Request”.


As a human, we really have to help each other, we need other people and other people need us, what will this world be if cannot help each other. In this opportunity I would like to share something that could be very useful for our life. I’d really hope so, first thing first, I’m going to tell you guys what making request is.
Making Request is a shape of statement to ask for permission or asking help to someone else, and for that, we have to make that request politely, so that the person that we ask will willing to help us. There are Formal request and Non-formal request that I will show to you guys right now. I’m going to give examples of making request in formal and non-formal.
Making Request – Formal requests
Would and Could is the key for you to make a formal request, you probably going to use this for someone that you didn’t know, you’ve got to be very polite if you want to ask help to some people that don’t know you, because if you don’t, they are going to think that you are a bad person, and doesn’t want to help you.
Examples         :
1.      Would you mind to turn up the volume please, I can’t hear it from here
2.      Could I use your bathroom please, I really need to go to a bathroom right now
3.      Could you please show me the way to this place, please
4.      Would mind holding my cat for a second please, I need to go to the bathroom
5.      Could I use your computer for a second , please
If you use could and would for someone that you didn’t ever met before, I’m pretty sure they will give you a hand, that’s all for the formal request.
Making Request – Non-formal request
And for the non-formal request, you can use Will and Can as the key to make a non-formal but still polite request. And you can use these non-formal requests for someone that you already know, like your friends in school, your daughter, or other.
Examples         :
1.      Will you please answer my calls
2.      Can I borrow your pencil
3.      Can you please open the door for me
4.      Will you accept my gift
5.      Can I stay here for a moment
If you use Can and Will for someone that you already know, they will feel relax and both of you can enjoy the moment, like a normal friends or other.
It’s pretty simple isn’t it? Always remember, you have got to be polite if you are making request, because it’s the same thing with asking for help, and if you want people to help you, of course politeness is needed right here am I right?
I help this article will be much help for you guys, thank you so much and good day to you.