Making Promise and Swearing – Hello there everyone, although is already too late now, but still. Happy New Year 2018 for you all, I’m really excited about this year, and how about you guys? Have you guys already make any promise or even swear to be better in this year? I know we always say that every New Year right?

For me example, last year, which is 2017, my body weight is too much, and I make a promise that I will decrease my weight this year, and I swear that I will have a six pack in the end of 2018, unfortunately I always say that in every year. Because I never kept that promise, it’s too hard for me to do that.
But don’t be a person like me, you guys have to always keep your promise, especially a promise that you gave to somebody else, because when you broke the promise, you will make people very sad, and always remember. Don’t ever swear or promise anything if you can’t keep it. And don’t ever lie about promise and swear.
In this article, I would like to talk about, Making Promise and Swearing, I know that all of us has already make a promise before, it’s a common thing for human to make a promise, but I’m sure that is only a few of us that can keep the promise.

Making Promise and Swearing – Definition of Making Promise and Swearing

Making promise is when you say something to someone, and make them hope that the word you say will become true or really happening.
For example : “I promise that I will come to your birthday party tonight.”
That words means that you have to really to your friend birthday party in the night that will come, because you already make him/her hope that you will really come to his/her birthday party.
Swearing definition is just like promise definition, but swearing is at a higher level, because when you swearing it had something to do with your faith, you can also said that swearing is a sacred thing to do, so that’s why you can’t just swear just like that.
For example : “I swear that I will love you for the rest my life, I will honor you and I will be a good father for our sons and daughters.”
The words above is sacred, this because it has something to do with live, that means you have to really keep those words, the swearing sword can be said when in a marriage like the example that I just gave.

Making Promise and Swearing – Examples of Making Promise and Swearing

• I promise ….
• I swear ….
• Trust me, I will/I will not…
• I assure you that …..
Making Promise and Swearing – Dialogue Examples of Making Promise and Swearing
1. May : I promise, I’m not going to leave you alone.
Jessica : Thank you, that is really make my heart warm.

2. Ron : Denise, trust me, I will be there okay? Don’t worry.
Denise : alright Ron, you better kept that promise.

3. Khalid : I swear that I will give you all my heart, my life, I will love you for the rest of my life and I will always by your side every time you need me.
Sasha : and I swear that I will always take care of you with all of my heart, I will also love you from my deepest heart, and I will always by your side.
That was some examples of Making Promise and Swearing that I can give to you guys today, I’d really hope that will be a help for you all, thanks.