Introducing. Making social interaction is one of vital thing that should
be done by every people as a human being. After greeting, it will be continued
by both introducing ourselves and introducing others to someone else. Most of
people do not have any difficulty in making an introduction. However, it will
be problem for some people to make an introduction by using a foreign
language.  How about you?


Making an introduction well and confidently will be an impression which
is lasting to someone else. Then, it will be simple thing that really crucial,
for leaving a good impression of ourselves. But, you do not need to be worry
about that. By this article, I will give you some phrases and expressions that
can be used in introducing yourselves and others either casually in relax conversation,
or politely in formal conversation.
Let see when you meet someone else in a bus, train, or plane. It will be
nice if you do not spend your time of trip by baa silence. So, let start a talk
with your sitting partner on your beside by introducing yourself. It can be
started by saying ‘Hi, I Am George from
New York.’
Make sure that you are smiling while saying that introduction
and giving a shaking hand. If you want to introduce your trip partner, whether
he/she is your family, friend or someone else, don not be reluctant to
introduce him/her. Let say ‘This is
Marry, my wife.’
  by keeping your
smile. You can give additional information about your trip, if your
conversation partner seems to be interested in your introduction. Then, happy
enjoying building personal relationship with your new friend.
If you are attending a business meeting or an interview for a job,
introducing formally and politely is a must. It will give a great impact if you
say something impolite or annoying. However, you do not need to be worry for
making a mistake. Just be relax, and build your confidence. Then, just
introduce yourself by saying a greeting first, it can be ‘Hello, good morning..’ then, you can continue your introduction by
saying your full name first. ‘My Name
is  Ali Masykur’
. It will be good if
you precede it by saying ’Let me
introduce my self…’
If it is possible, you may give some personal information. It can be about
your career, your academic level, or directly saying about your purpose of business
meeting.  But, it is important to
analyze, whether it is necessary or not. Do not tell something which is not
really important, or not having relation to the meeting, it will be very
bothering to the other  participant.
If you want to introduce another person in a meeting or formal
conversation, you can directly say, ‘Let
me introduce my business partner, her name is Maria Smith’
. Do not forget
to keep your lips smiling and having a shaking hand to the participant.


So, that is really simple, right? You just need to build your confidence
which is shown by your eyes and gesture. Besides, smiling and shaking hand are
two things that a must.