Sympathy is such kind of
feeling that we are supposed to have the same feeling as other people.  It tends to be a sorrowful feeling when
someone is getting trouble, unluckiness, accident or something bad happened to
others. However, it will be nothing if we just keep silent and let  our friend getting sad. Showing sympathy is a little and simple thing that we can do to entertain them. It will be very
helpful for knowing that there is someone who cares about them, and it can be
proved by showing your sympathy.
It can be expressed
directly by saying our sympathy orally, or just send it by a postcard, short message service,
letter and social media.
Just let he/she knows that he/she is not alone in facing the sadness. Even it is
just  an expression, and may neither  help
to solve the problem nor helping out the expense, showing sympathy
can  be a supportive aid to them. It is
vital to have a feeling that there is someone who still cares to us. And hopefully
it will help them to move on and rise up again.
So, even it is so simple
and may be a little thing, don’t underestimate that simple and little things.
Then, you have to know how and what expressions that can  be
representation of our sympathy feelings. Just check this out.  These are some example of expression which
can be used to express our sympathy:
I take my sympathy to you
I sympathize with your condition
Oh, I am really sorry to hear
What a pity of you
That’s too bad
I know how is your feeling
Be patient, it would be better soon 
It would be OK soon.
How if we are as a
person who gets a bad luck? We will not just keep  silent if
our family,  our friends, even our
enemy showing their  sympathy. So, here
some expressions to response and accept someone sympathy.
for your support
very kind of you
you very much
a pity, isn’t it?
hope so
would be OK, thank you very much for your support
for your sympathy
For clearer example, I will give you some dialogues
that contain some expressions of sympathy
Dialogue 1
Beta     : Is there something happen to
you? You look so upset.
Vinda  : My mobile phone is lost, Beta
Beta     : Really? I’m so sorry to hear
that. Can you tell me how could it happen?
Vinda  : It happened yesterday, when I was
at the bus to go to school.
Beta     : How about trying to call your
phone number?
Vinda  : Yes, I have tried it for many
times, but I think my phone  number has
not been active anymore
Dialogue 2
Nina    : Ranni, I saw that Sinta was
really upset at the class. Do you know what happen to her?
Ranni   : Her mother was  hospitalized last morning.


Nina    : I’m sorry
to hear that.  What happened with her
Ranni   : She got heart attack.
Nina    : Oh God, I hope she will get
better soon.