I am certainly sure that everyone in the world must
be ever feels happy. It is a must. Something that distinguish between one to another
is, the decision whether he or she will keep the happiness for him/herself
only, or he or she  decide to share  it  by
expressing the happiness. Then, which one do you belong to? The first one? or
the second one?


If I may suggest, so just
try to being the second one, people who decide to share their happiness by
expressing it. Because feeling good is universally accepted by every person in
the world. Then, feeling happy should be expressed. It may create a positive
The question is, when should
we share and express our happiness to other people? Then, the answer is
anytime! Whenever you feel something good, even how small it is, just share it.
Even when you see something beautiful, you may express it. May be when you are
on the way to go somewhere, and suddenly you see a rainbow, so just express it!
And let see, every people who are with you will feel the same with you: feeling
happy! It will be more wonderful when you get a good mark, having a special
gift, winning a competition, meeting with an old friend, getting job promotion,
and so on. So, just share and express your good feelings. And let see, how the
goodness will spread in your surrounding.
Then, how to express our happiness? Do not stop here,
you have to read this article completely. I will give you some expression of
happiness that can be used to share your good feelings. Below are some expressions
which showing a happiness.
That would be really
That sounds good
It’s the most
beautiful view I’ve ever seen.
I like it
What a wonderful flower
I’m really happy to
hear that
I really love it
Well done.
What a great moment!
It sounds nice
It is really a good
I am really happy with
that news
make it clearer, I will give you some example of happiness expression which are
used in dialogue.
Dewi : Hi Lussi, you look so
happy today, is there something good?
Lussi : Yes I am. I got the
most-wanted scholarship to Japan!
Dewi : Oh really? Congratulation!
Lussi : Thank you, Dew
Dewi : Oh God, it is really
fantastic news! You have to share it to others!
Dewi : I have planned it to. I
want to invite all of you to make a small party.
Lussi : It sounds good!
Dialog 2:
Pita      : Hei, see! It is so
! Look at the sky!
Selly    : Wow, it is really wonderful! What a beautiful rainbow!
Pita      : Great! Lets take a photo. It will be
the most beautiful photo in my gallery.
Selly    : I want to! I will share it to my account.
Pita      : So do i! it is a remarkable moment, for having seen the
rainbow and taking its photo directly.


Selly    : Surely!