Expressing Gratitude – Hey there everybody, in this chance, I would like to make you guys to be a thankful individual, because today I would like to talk about “Expressing Gratitude”, yup, you have to know how to express your gratitude because it’s part of being polite and being a polite person is important in this life.

Since we are just kids, the first thing that parents always taught us is how to say thank you to the people that give us something, either  is a help or a gifts, and that is the right thing to do. Saying thank you to people that give us something will make them feel happy and even willing to give us more in day come, it is because they think that what they gave is useful for us and it means something for other people too.
So, Expressing Gratitude is something that we should always do every time people help us or give us something, and now I would like to give you guys some examples of expressing gratitude to help you guys express your gratitude to someone that give you something. Use it well and make people happy.
Expressing Gratitude – Examples
1. I am really grateful for…..
2. Thank you so much/Thank you very much
3. I want to say thanks to you for willing to help me with this
4. You have been really helpful and thank you for that
5. Thanks a lot
6. I really appreciate your help
Every time you express your gratitude to someone you will hear responses after you express your gratitude, and I’m sure it will make you feel good and want to repay them some day if you can. These are some examples of those responses that you will hear.
Expressing Gratitude – Responses
1. Don’t mentioned it
2. No problem at all
3. It’s alright
4. Yeah, for sure
5. Sure, it’s a pleasure
6. You’re welcome
7. That’s what the friends do
8. I’m really glad that I can help
After you read all of the above, I’d like to help you to understand more about Expressing Gratitude, and to make it easier for you to understand more, here I give you some dialogue examples of Expressing Gratitude. I hope these will help even more.
Expressing Gratitude – Dialogue examples
1. Damian : Thank you very much for your help, I couldn’t have done it without you
Sam : Don’t mentioned it Dame, that’s what the friends do

2. Jessica : Thank you for the gift yesterday, it makes me really happy.
Alex : You’re welcome Jess, I’m happy if you are

3. Carl : Thanks a lot for the tips Anna, it helps a lot
Anna : I’m really glad that I can help you Carl.

A pretty simple dialogue example, but I hope you will understand, it’s not that hard to Express your gratitude to someone and make them happy right?
Always remember to say thanks to everyone that already help you, so that they don’t regret already give you something. Thank you very much for reading the article and have a good day everyone.