Descriptive Text – Hi Friends, do you guys know what is Giraffe? Yeah I’m really sure that you all know what Giraffe is, but how do you guys know that that’s a giraffe? What is the part of its body that made you guys sure that it’s a giraffe? You guys probably wondering why I suddenly ask about giraffe, it is because today I want to tell you guys a little bit about Descriptive Text.


Yup, we all know what descriptive text is but, let me explain it again, descriptive text is a text that say what and how a person or a thing look like. A text that can make you sure about something, it is really an important text isn’t it? Its purpose itself is to Describe and also reveal a particular or an iconic thing in a thing, animal, person or even a place.
You can also say that descriptive text is a text that explain about what people or thing is like, either its/their shapes, numbers, habitats, or even characters.
Descriptive Text – Generic Structure
1.      Identification  : is a common picture about something that you want to describe.
2.      Description      : is contains with a special or a particular part about something that you want to describe, either is a place, person, animal or other.
Descriptive text also has its own characteristic.
Descriptive Text – Characteristic of Descriptive Text
1.      Using an  attribute verb
2.      Using simple present tense
3.      Only focus one object, the object that is being described
Below is the Example of Descriptive Text.
Descriptive Text – Example
Giraffe is an Animal, one of the famous animals in the whole word. We see them in the zoo, we see them in TV, and see them on the children books. Giraffe only eat leaves and grass, we can say that giraffe is a friendly animal if we are not disturbing them, Giraffe live together with its herd, they also included as a cute animal and that’s why every children love giraffe.
Giraffe has a very special characteristic. It is its long neck. Giraffe is a mammals that also has a claw, it believes that giraffe is also the highest animal that life in the ground.  “Giraffa camelopardalis” is its scientific name, Giraffe have small horns or knob on top of their head, those small horns are used to protect the head when fighting.
As you can see in the example that I just gave, the first paragraph is the common identification of giraffe. That is the Identification in Descriptive Text, and the second paragraph is the description, because in the example that I gave it contains a specifically explanation about giraffe, the second paragraph explain all the particular parts of giraffe.
Now that you already know how to describe something, I hope you guys can describe anything that you want to describe. It’s pretty easy right, especially if you want to describe something that you love, I’m sure it will be a lot easier for you.
I think it is enough from me about descriptive text, I hope you guys learn something new, and after this you can try to describe anything. Have fun and have a good day.