Congratulating – Hey everyone, how is it going? I hope you guys have a nice weekend. Have you guys ever has any friend that have such an achievement? Is it felt good to have a friend who won something cool? Of course it is, we also have to be happy for him/her. That’s what is friend supposed to be right? So what will you do if your friend achieved something great?


Alright, today I would like to talk about “Congratulating”, I will tell you guys how to congratulate someone for their achievement or other, not only for that, you can use this also for your friend that just get married or other. In everyday life we surely have ever congratulate in someone achievement that he/she already achieved, and I know that you guys has a lot of different responses from your friend that just got that congratulation from you, here’s some congratulating examples and the responses.
Congratulating – Examples
1. That’s incredible, congratulation
2. That’s good for you
3. Congratulation
4. Good job
5. Well done
6. You have got to be very happy with this achievement
7. I would like to congratulate you on this
8. Happy birthday
9. Happy anniversary
10. Happy new year
11. Please accept my congratulation
12. Very Fantastic job!
Those are the words you have to say if you want to congratulate someone, and if you want to know what responses should you give when your friend congratulate you, here some examples of responding congratulation.
Congratulating – Respond example
1. It’s really kind of you to say so
2. Thank you, it’s all because of you too
3. Thank you very much
4. You are really nice, thanks
5. I’m really glad you think so
6. Thank you, but it’s nothing special actually
7. Thank you so much, I still have a lot to learn though
Now after all of the above, I also would like to give some congratulating dialogue examples, hope it will help you guys even more.
Congratulating – Dialogue examples
1. Tina : I hear you’ve won Most Valuable Player of the year? Is it true Russell?
Russell : Yeah it is true, it felt really awesome Tina.
Tina : Oh my god, Congratulation Russell, that’s a very great achievement, you really deserved it.
Russell : Thank you very much Tina, it means a lot coming from you.
Tina : You’re welcome Russ.
2. Ryan : Happy anniversary my love, I hope our love last forever
Nicky : I’m really glad you think so, thank you so much Ryan.
3. Justin : Hey guess what Bryan?
Bryan : what? Classy accept you to be her boyfriend?
Justin : hey that would be great, but it’s not that.
Bryan : so what?
Justin : I’ve just won the first place Debate English competition presenting our school
Bryan : wow, That’s Incredible Justin, congratulation for that
Justin : Yeah thank you Bryan, I still have a lot to learn though.
Now you know how to congratulate your friend and now how to respond on your friend that congratulate you for your achievement, I hope this article help, thank you so much for come by, and have great day.