Complimenting – hey people of the internet, today we will talk a little bit about complimenting. You, me, and every people compliment many times in a day I’m sure, we compliment when we see someone has achieve something great and we also compliment people based on what they wear if it was suited with them.


Compliment function itself is for pushing people, to give them spirit to keep making achievement and keep working hard on what are they doing, if people get compliment, they will be so happy and they will feel like they can do more than before after getting a lot of compliment. So it is a good to compliment people after they achieve something great in their life.
Below are some examples on when we have to give people a compliment, because you can’t give compliment for something that’s not appropriate, it could be very rude.
Complimenting – What are the right moment to compliment
o   When a people achieve something great like, receiving award from being an employee of the year.
o   When you realize there is something new on people style, and it look great on them.
o   When people already try their best.
o   When you visit someone house for the first time.
Those are the right moment to compliment people, and now that you already know when is the right moment to compliment, I will give you some Complimenting examples that will help you to make people happy.
Complimenting – Examples
o   What a beautiful hat, it suit you perfectly.
o   That is a very great performance.
o   You looks really handsome today.
o   That is a very lovely dress.
o   What a nice decorating.
o   You already try your best, that’s excellent.
o   You have earned it, the best of all student, that’s amazing.
Those are some Complimenting examples you can use to compliment people based on what they did, I’m pretty sure it will make them happy if you say it, people happy when they got some compliment, and now I will also give you guys some Complimenting dialogue examples to help you understand even more.
Complimenting – Dialogue examples
1.      Rose                : You look very handsome today my husband.
Blake               : Thank you my dear, it means a lot for me
2.      Johnny             : Hey James, come inside, don’t be shy.
James               : Sure, John.
Johnny             : Thank you for helping me in school yesterday, my mom also want to say thanks by inviting you to a dinner, and that’s why I ask you to come here.
James               : Okay, you have very nice house by the way, I love the decorating.
Johnny             : Really? Thank you James, my dad did great a job with this house.
James               : You must be very proud of him.
Johnny             : Yeah, I want to be like him someday.
Not very hard isn’t? Now you can give people compliment and make them feel happy, and that’s a very great thing to do, it will make your bond much closer with your family, you will have much friend if you all complimented each other on something.
I hope these talks about complimenting will help you there, thank you very much and have a nice day.