Analytical Exposition – Hello, in this article, we walk talk about analytical exposition, do any of you guys know what analytical exposition is? Maybe some of you already know what is that analytical exposition, but let’s learn more so that we can also know more about analytical exposition.
Analytical exposition is a shape of argumentation text, so it’s mean that in analytical exposition we will always find an argument that wrote by the writer, and these arguments will make us, the readers, believe that the topic that is being wrote is really important and worth to read.

Analytical Exposition – Definition of Analytical Exposition
Analytical exposition itself has its own definition, Analytical Exposition is a text or a writing that shows the opinion of the text writer about the phenomenon that is happening around us.
Analytical Exposition – Purpose of Analytical Exposition
The purpose of analytical exposition itself is to make sure that the readers believe with the topic that is being talked about is an important topic to be discussed or to make sure that the topic that is being talked about deserve more attention, with a way of giving an arguments or opinions that will support the idea or the topic.

Analytical Exposition – Generic Structure of Analytical Exposition

1. Thesis
In the Thesis part, the writer introduce about to the topic or the idea that will be discussed, thesis will always be at the start of the paragraph in Analytical Exposition text.

2. Arguments
In the Arguments part, the writer will give his/her argument2 or opinions that will support that main idea about the topic, usually, in an Analytical Exposition text, there will be 2 or more argument that is wrote by the writer. It is because the more arguments in the text, the more people will believe that the topic worth their time, or you can say that the topic is really important and make it deserve more attention from all the reader.

3. Reiteration
In the Reiteration part is the closing part of the analytical exposition text, Reiteration will always be on the end of the paragraph. Reiteration contains a rewrite of the main idea that exist on the first paragraph, Reiteration can also be called as a conclusion or the summary of the text or topic that is being talked about, and it is usually contains some recommendations.
Analytical Exposition – Characteristic of Analytical Exposition
1. Using internal conjunction and also using casual conjunction
2. Using relational process
3. Using simple present tense

Analytical Exposition – Example of Analytical Exposition

Why should 22 December is the mother’s day?
Mother, we all know that mother is everything for use, she gave the love like nobody gives, she always love us from the bottom of her heart, from we were still babies, she gave everything for us, when we need help, she’s always going to be there for us. We have to always respect our mother. That’s why the mother’s day exist, every 22 December we always celebrate the mother’s, but why should it exist?
First, we have to thank to our mom for everything that they have done for us, and to thank her we don’t really need to wait for mother’s day right?
Second, if you really love your mother, 22 December is not the right day to celebrate mother’s day. It should be every day.
From the reasons above, I conclude that we should not called 22 December is the mother’s day, we should called it “every day is Mother’s Day” and it’s really recommended to do that, because we all know all the pain that all mother already take when they raised us till we are now.
I hope this article about Analytical Exposition will help you, thank you very much.