Accepting an Invitation – Hi Everybody, have you guys ever got an invitation? Oh I’m pretty sure you guys have, either is a party invitation, dinner invitation, meeting invitation, or other. People will invite you if they want your presence in the activity that they make, they invite you because they want you to be there, and maybe because you deserve to be there if you are someone special.
Being invited by someone it means that they want you to attend in whatever they invite you for, and it mean you have to respect that by accepting that invitation. Either is a formal invitation or non-formal invitation.

And today I would like to talk about “Accepting an Invitation”, actually is not a very hard thing to accept an invitation, but still, I want to give you guys some examples of Accepting an invitation, so that you can be sure that whoever invite you, will understand that you are accepting their invitation. Here are some of the examples.
Accepting an Invitation – Examples

  • Thank you for inviting me, I’d be glad to come
  • It’s an honor to be invited by you, I will gladly accept your invitation
  • Yes, I will come
  • We will be there, we promise
  • How can i say no if you are the one who invited me
  • Yes, I will be right there
  • Of course, we accept your invitation
  • Thank you for the invitation, we are fully accept it


Those are some examples of accepting an Invitation that you can use to accept someone invitation, remember there are formal invitation and non-formal invitation, choose your words carefully for that, it will be very rude if you use non-formal language to reply a formal invitation, and it will be weird if you accept an non-formal invitation using a formal language.

And after knowing how to accept someone invitation, here are some dialogue examples of Accepting an Invitation that will help you to know when to use the formal language or non-formal language.
Accepting an Invitation – Dialogue examples
1. Mr. Johnson family : Please, would join us in celebrating our daughter birthday that will be held on 22 – January – 2018
Mr. Harden family : We’d be glad to come, thank you very much for inviting us

2. Amy : Hey would you like to watch a movie with me tonight?
Bumper : how can I say no if you are the one who invited me Amy

The first example is a Formal invitation, because there is a family that inviting another family, and of course you have to accept it with a formal language so that it will be polite, if you answer it with “Yeah, we will be there” it would seem rude to the inviter eyes.
And the second example is a non-formal, because is only a friend who invite another friend, and answer it with a non-formal language would seem normal.
I think that is all I can tell you guys about Accepting an Invitation, it’s really not that hard to accept an Invitation, so I hope you guys learn something today, and I hope I help you guys a little, thank you very much and have a nice day guys.