Greeting. Can
you imagine if there is no greeting in a human life? How it will be? There is
only I with my business, and you with yours, and also they with their own
matters. There is no word ‘we’ and ‘us’. May be it will be like a boring life.
Then, making a good relationship is one of important thing in building a
colorful life. And it is started by a greeting. Having greeting to other people
will create a positive atmosphere in our day. So, it is a must, to make a
greeting to others.


However, every single
thing has its own rule, as well as greeting. We have to consider about the
time, place, and who is the person we are greeting. Otherwise, our greeting will
be either something weird, or the worst, something annoying for the others. Greeting
people properly is by doing as way they are expecting to get a greeting. We
want to be treated as we want, is it true? So, just greet them as the way the
want to.
Then, it is important for
us to know well how to greet people properly and confidently? The first thing
you have to consider is that about the situation, whether it is formal or
informal conversation. If you are in formal meeting such as in a business
meeting, academic discussion, or having a job interview, you may use these
Good morning
How are you?
How is everything?
How are doing?
is important to be known that ‘How are
you doing’
has different meaning with ‘What
are you doing?’
The first one is a kind of greeting which has the similar
meaning with ‘How are you?’ Whereas,
the second one is asking about what action that we are doing at that time. So, make
sure that you greet people with the right one.
will need an extra greeting when we meet friends who have not seen for a long
time. Then, you can use these additional greetings:
It’s always a pleasure to see you.
It’s been too long.
How long has it been?
What have you been up to all these
What’s new?
It has been a long time.
other case, when you meet your friend in a park, cafe or shopping center, so
you do not need to greet formally. Just greet them informally. You can say
‘Hi’  first to greet them, then
asking  them  by using these expressions:
How are things?
Good to see you.
What’s up?
What’s happening?
How’s it going?
How about greeting
someone who has not seen for a long time informally? Then, you can try these
expressions below:
How have you been?
Where have you been hiding?
Long time no see you
Those list of greetings
will be nothing if you do not use it in your daily life. So, just try to greet
others properly and confidently. Try to practice them in any condition. It will
help you to build your confidence in greeting people. Remember that a good
greeting will lead a good impression which will be everlasting for someone